Tees Rowing Club The Slipway North Shore Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NL



President: James Hugill. Captain: J Waller.  Hon Sec / Treas: J Bainbridge.

Middlesbrough ABC lose their boathouse to the building of the Tees (Newport) Bridge. They receive £200 compensation. The Northern Amateur Rowing Council discuss whether Maiden (Novice) races should be rowed in sliding seat boats. It was agreed that while this would be more comfortable physically it “was not calculated to improve the standard of rowing in Maiden races”.


President: J Hugill. Captain: J Waller. Hon Sec and Treas: L J Herrell.

The club has 35 Life Members and 23 Ordinary members. Concern is expressed at the AGM of the poor financial state of the club, the dilapidated condition of the boats and the distinct loss of interest in the welfare of the club. It must be remembered that the UK was in the throes of a depression. It is agreed to reduce the Boatman’s wages from 15/- (75p) per week to 5/- (25p) per week and to reduce his attendance at the boathouse to two days per week. To encourage more senior members the entrance fee paid on joining in addition to the annual subscription is abolished. The facility to pay subs in instalments is introduced. Moves are made to amalgamate with Middlesbrough ABC on a temporary basis until they were able to find new premises.


President: H Wintersgill. Captain: JL Tait. Hon Sec /Treas: L J Herrell.

The idea of holding a regular open regatta at Yarm is raised with the NARC. The Blue Bell is to be approached to provide “stripping accommodation”.


President: H Wintersgill. Captain: E P Johnston. Hon Sec / Treas: S R Mellen.

T Kelly of Pine Grove is appointed Boatman. Ordinary members number 40. Regatta wins are achieved at Durham, Tynemouth, Berwick, Tyne Joint and Talkin Tarn but Tees Regatta is cancelled owing to lack of entries.


President: JCH Booth. Captain: E P Johnston. Hon Sec / Treas: S Roxburgh.

A Workmen’s’ Compensation Insurance Policy is taken out covering claims for injury which may be suffered by the Boatman. The annual premium is 16s 3d (81p) covering wages of £20 pa. Printing and stationary services are provided by John W Baker of Finkle Street, Stockton, a business association which continues until well into the 1970s. Membership comprises 34 life members and 38 Ordinary members. Wins include The Palmer Grand at Tyne. With Middlesbrough ABC inactive a legal agreement is drawn up in which MABC as the owners of the Ironmasters, Middlesbrough and Mason Cups agree to lend them to Tees ABC. Various conditions are attached including that all three trophies shall be competed for at open regattas. It is stressed that the loan is temporary. (As will be seen later MABC subsequently amalgamated with Tees ABC to form Tees ARC and so the agreement was no longer relevant. Ed).


President: JCH Booth. Captain: JG Lewis. Hon Sec / Treas: S Roxburgh.

Wins include the Tyne General Ferry and The Ironmasters. Winter tides and storms damage the landing. A new set of 4 oars is bought from Aylings for £10. The Boatman’s wages are raised to 6/- (80p) per week. The landing is in a very poor state of repair making boat launching difficult – “a large amount of voluntary effort from members will be necessary”.


President: H Martin. Captain: J G Lewis. Hon Sec: W A Stainsby. Hon Treas: J J Henderson.

An Amateur Boxing Tournament and a Supper dance are held to raise funds but although successful as events the financial outcome is break even.


President: H Martin. Captain: T Clark. Hon Sec: W A Stainsby. Hon Treas: J J Henderson (later R W Whitehead).

A NARC meeting is attended at which Mr Tugwell outlined the situation on grants under the National Physical Fitness Campaign. The Hon Treas resigns as he is leaving the district and is replaced by R W Whitehead.


President: T Jobling. Captain: J S Brown.  Hon Sec: W A Stainsby. Hon Treas: R W Whitehead.

The club’s 75th Anniversary of its founding. Discussions continue with Middlesbrough ABC about some form of “fusion” although it seems that MABC would wish to retain their “entity”. Frank Hall, later to be a long serving President of Tees ARC, led discussions on behalf of MABC. It is recorded that a number of MABC members are already rowing with TABC. Arrangements are made with the National ARA for Ernest Barry to spend the month of June coaching at the club for a fee of £10.  He is welcomed at a by the Mayor at a Smoker held at The Black Lion. His visit is a great success and the club’s standard of rowing is improved. War breaks out in Europe.