Tees Rowing Club The Slipway North Shore Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NL

Club Captain

Rebecca Graham

  • Ensure all relevant information is communicated to the membership in an efficient and timely manner
  • Work with the Vice-Captains and squad coordinators to ensure all athletes have the opportunity to row and increase recruitment by encouraging new members
  • Review and update the club five-year plan on an ongoing basis to ensure it fits with the current plans of the committee and club ethos
  • Report progress against the five-year plan on an annual basis at the AGM
  • Work with the Treasurer and Equipment Manager to create and maintain a budget plan for the purchase of equipment, in accordance with the five-year plan
  • Periodically meet with Vice Captains to determine current and long term needs of the Club
  • Allocate restricted equipment to racing crews and ensure all relevant club members are aware of decision
  • Liaise with the Entries Secretary and Treasurer to ensure that all entries to regatta and head events have been entered and paid for prior to deadlines
  • Ensure transport is organised to and from events and ensure members are aware of the relevant fees
  • Oversee the organisation of Tees Rowing Club Regatta and Small Boats Head
  • Ensure that Club Scratch Regattas and regular Club Head Races take place
  • Canvas members’ opinions and forward these to the committee where appropriate
  • Ensure any safety concerns are reported to the Safety Adviser
  • Ensure all members abide by the club rules and bye-laws
  • In conjunction with Committee Officers, ensure the Club is represented at the Northern Rowing Council
  • Make the Captain’s speech at the Club’s Annual Dinner and AGM

  • Ideally has working of the Tees Rowing Club committee, or that of another club, and therefore is familiar with how a committee works within a club environment
  • Effective methods of communication with Club members
  • A knowledge of the Tees Rowing Club fleet of equipment
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of rowing and competing
  • The ability to develop and lead successful teams
  • Has a knowledge of British Rowing and how clubs work with the governing body
  • Desire to ensure Tees Rowing Club stays successful