Welcome to Tees Rowing Club

Tees caters for anyone who wishes to row, from the recreational rower to the serious competitor. We are a community rowing club with an open membership policy.

Our aim is to make rowing an accessible sport for all. Tees has up to date adaptive rowing facilities. We run a number of rowing programmes including "Learn to Row", "Go Row", and "Project Oarsome".

New members are welcome at any time at Tees Rowing Club. A new members' guide is available for those considering joining.

Latest News:

Minihead Results November 2014

Category: Minihead News

This month's minihead took place in very foggy conditions... despite the poor visibility, the decision was made to proceed with the race with caution, and the race proceeded safely and with no mishaps, providing the thirteen crews with an opportunity to practice racing in unusual and challenging conditions.


A Shellfish Supper

Category: Recreational News

Northern League Final Races 5 Oct 2014

Alas, it was not to be a dream ending for “Teeslicious” (TEE), who went into the final day with high hopes of winning the Women’s section. 

But a disastrous crab in the race with the eventual winners, “Tyney Temp-Oar” (TYN), put paid to their hopes and they came second in the overall result for the year....


Minihead Results October 2014

Category: Minihead News

This month's minihead took place in challenging conditions which were reflected in the smaller number of entries, with just nine boats battling their way to the finish. The event was run by the Senior Men who ran the event smootly with a small number of volunteers, so thank you to them, and to junior Alice who helped to run the kitchen!


Sunday the 23rd - Tees Rowing Club 2013