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Annual Junior Award Winners and Beach sprints

Beach sprints

  • Lucy Freeman represented the club well at the Home International Regatta at Saundersfoot this weekend – Lucy had been selected as the reserve and what a great job she did as the boat handler – she was thanked by all for the support she had given to the whole team
  • Junior Sefi Ormston travelled up to St Andrews in Scotland this weekend where she was the only non-Scottish athlete to compete – the juniors and seniors raced together – Sefi only made it to the final where she won the juniors and was the second fastest woman overall 

Annual Junior Awards

Every year we hold a Junior end of season BBQ which took place today.  At this event we present some awards – with the exception of the Rowers Rower which the juniors themselves nominate for – all the awards are decided by the Junior Coaching team. The quality of the awards reflects the quality of all the kids we have who are so proud to be members of Tees RC.Our congratulations to everyone.

Performance of the Year: The winner is  the J18 4x- – Joe, Adam, Dan and Matthew

The Nominations were:

  •  J18 4x- Bronze at BR Junior Champs
  • James winning the Junior Scottish Beach sprints.
  • Sefi for winning two bronzes at Welsh Juniors Beach sprints and again yesterday a silver at the St Andrews Beach Sprints Regatta. 
  • Cameron and Dyfrig A Final at National Schools and BR Junior Champs. 
  • Jack in his debut regatta at Tees
  • Seren and Martha for their time trial performance at BR Junior Champs
  • Ruth for her performance at BR Junior Champs

The Club Spirit Award: The winner is Sefi Ormston

The Most Improved Rower: The winner is Mariia Sirokurova

The nominations were:

  • Mariia
  • Nancy
  • Seren
  • Henry
  • Tillie

The Unsung hero: The winner is Tillie McLone

The Nominations were:

  • Felicity
  • Martha
  • Tillie

The Rising Coach: The winner is James Renn

The Nominations were:

  • Martha
  • Sefi
  • James

The Rising Star Award: The winner is  Joe Merriott

The Nominations were:

  • Joe 
  • Henry
  • Harry
  • Ruth
  • Sefi
  • Mariia

The Memorable Moment: The winner is Jane Atkinson

The Nominations were:

  • Erin (for sliding out of her boat when she had her feet out in her single)
  • Dyfrig, Nancy, Joe (for all falling in after winning races at Durham – tree with a high vis) but Joe walked his boat back like a dog past everyone else waiting to land – the walk of James Bond walking out of the sea 
  • Becky falling out on the finish line who scuppered Cameron’s win who was on the course at the time
  • Ollie and Adam capsizing with profuse apologies – Ollie more worried that he might lose his gloves
  • Ollie in his Fez 
  • Jane helping at boat launching at JIRR and taking a step too far and walking into the water

Rowers Rower: The Winner is Cameron Murphy

 The Nominations were:

Cameron MurphyHe epitomises the rules and ethos of the club and is a great role model. I have felt supported when rowing with him in practice sessions.   He is always willing to help out and always has a good attitude towards the sport
ErinShe has flourished in all her crews and encouraged them to be their best, and as a previous Captain and Vice-Captain she is using her role to improve everyone around her as she should. she gets on with things, always works hard for the good of the team, and is always supportive and positive about everyone. She has really stepped up in the Vice Captain role, and this has been good to see,
MeganMegan has been very supportive  over the last year which is much appreciated, she has offered advice, encouragement and her dedication and commitment to supporting other rowers at Tees is fab. .