Tees Rowing Club The Slipway North Shore Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NL

April 2023

Thanks to Mark Bensons squad for organising todays Minihead. Th next one will be in June as May is Tees Regatta and no Minihead is held.

Ordered By Adjusted Time
PositionBoat NameBoat TypeActual TimeAdjusted Time
2Roarin 4 TeesQuad15:40.015:08.0
3Teesside PollyDouble14:45.015:22.9
4Cross FellDouble18:16.015:39.3
5Platinum JubileeQuad13:54.015:46.6
6Steel RiverSingle18:31.016:13.0
7The Duke of Kent 150Single16:48.016:16.2
8Two for TeesDouble16:58.016:22.1
10High ForceDouble19:28.017:04.0
11The Green MachineEight15:58.017:04.8
13Broken ScarDouble19:36.018:14.4
14John HeronQuad18:43.019:00.7
15Double TimeDouble18:48.020:09.5
17Tees ValleyQuad25:34.025:09.7
Ordered By Actual Time
PositionBoat NameBoat TypeActual TimeAdjusted Time
1Platinum JubileeQuad13:54.015:46.6
2Teesside PollyDouble14:45.015:22.9
3Roarin 4 TeesQuad15:40.015:08.0
5The Green MachineEight15:58.017:04.8
6The Duke of Kent 150Single16:48.016:16.2
7Two for TeesDouble16:58.016:22.1
8Cross FellDouble18:16.015:39.3
9Steel RiverSingle18:31.016:13.0
10John HeronQuad18:43.019:00.7
11Double TimeDouble18:48.020:09.5
12High ForceDouble19:28.017:04.0
13Broken ScarDouble19:36.018:14.4
17Tees ValleyQuad25:34.025:09.7

Todays crews

Resolution 4x – Tony, John, Bob & Chris
The Green Machine 8+ – Richard, Ken, Steve, Dave, Chris, Alan, Graham & Philip
Platinum Jubilee 4x – Adam, Daniel, Matthew & James
Roarin 4 Tees 4x – Sarah, Denise, Mary & Angela
Teesside Polly 2x – Cameron & Tom
The Duke of Kent 150 1x – Joe
Roseberry 1x – Olivia
John Heron 4x – Daisy, Charlotte, Lily & Sefi
Two for Tees 2x – Alice & Ellen
Tees Valley 4x+ – Shelly, Susan, Rachael & Frida
Newport 2xltr – Richard & Ian
Broken Scar 2x – Erin & Freya
High Force 2x – Tillie & Emma
Double Time 2x – Robert, Sam
Cross Fell 2x – Martha & Seren
Equity 2x – Megan & Henry
Steel River 1x – Ruth