Tees Rowing Club The Slipway North Shore Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NL

Men’s Vice Captain

Greg Beswick

  • Ensure members training/coaching within Invite Only groups and crews receive support of the Club where needed, and facilitate the introduction of new members to these groups where a mutual benefit can be expected
  • Canvas and encourage the joining of new members to Tees Rowing Club
  • Act as an arbitrator and facilitator in the case of disputes within or between squads, crews and groups
  • Ensure members training independently receive equal support from the wider club and have access to help when needed
  • Periodically meet with the Captain to report on the current situation within the club, identifying shortcomings and how they can be addressed
  • Support the Captain in preparation and review of the five-year development plan based on knowledge of the club status at the time
  • Canvas members’ opinion and forward these to the committee where appropriate
  • Ensure any safety concerns are reported to the Safety Adviser
  • Ensure any accidents witnessed or heard about are correctly reported
  • Ensure all members abide by the club rules and bye-laws
  • Assist the Captain in ad hoc requests from members

  • Has been an active member of Tees Rowing Club and thus has an understanding of the running of the club and potential issues that will need to be resolved
  • Can communicate effectively with Club members
  • A knowledge of the Tees Rowing Club fleet of equipment
  • Some knowledge of the fundamentals of rowing and competing
  • Is familiar with how a committee should work together
  • Has a knowledge of the British Rowing and its rules of racing
  • Desire to better the running of Tees Rowing Club

  • 2 hours per month to attend the monthly committee meetings
  • 5 hours per month to spend on additional Vice-Captain’s role and responsibilities
Men’s Vice Captain

Vice Captain Job Description