Tees Rowing Club The Slipway North Shore Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NL

Teesquay Millenium Bridge

This footbridge links Teesdale and the Castlegate Centre in the High Street and, in the process, spans Riverside Road. Of cable stay design supported by a 40 metre high mast it was designed by Ove Arup , built by Birse Construction North East and completed in December 2000. Funding came through Stockton Council with assistance from the European Regional Development Fund, One North East’s Single Regeneration Budget and English Partnerships. The Tyne Millenium Bridge was delayed by high winds, that at York has been held up by floods Carlisle’s looks as if it will never be built and London’s wobbles. Ours just seemed to add it’s elegant outline to the landscape with an enviable lack of drama…..

Boats going downstream MUST USE THE MAIN CHANNEL between the bridge pier and the STOCKTON bank. Do NOT pass between the pier and the Teesdale bank as driftwood could possibly be snagged underwater. After going under the bridge you may cross to inside the buoys/boats if safe to do so. The alternative is to keep to the main channel round the outside of the line of buoys, keeping a lookout for boats coming upstream, then after the final buoy move to the Teesdale bank ready to take the inside arch of Princess of Wales Bridge.