President:     President - Job Description
Chair: Bob Holdsworth Chair Chair - Job Description
Captain: Tom Hillier Captain Captain - Job Description
Vice-Captain: Greg Beswick   Vice-Captain - Job Description
Vice-Captain: Becky Graham    
Honorary Secretary: Michele Holdsworth Secretary Honorary Secretary - Job Description
Assistant Secretary: Sophie Whisson   Assistant Secretary - Job Description
Honorary Treasurer: Louise Summers Treasurer Honorary Treasurer - Job Description
Membership Secretary: Fiona Ventress Membership Sec. Membership Secretary - Job Description
Equipment Manager:

Lucy Radley

Equipment Manager Equipment Manager - Job Description
Publicity Officer: VACANT   Publicity Officer - Job Description
Teesside University Chair: Liam Reekie    
Safety Adviser: Steven Leigh Safety Adviser Safety Adviser - Job Description
Coach Coordinator:      
Ordinary Member: Jill Patterson   Ordinary Member - Job Description
Ordinary Member: Richard Olver    
Competition Coordinator/Chair: Steve Heath   Competition Chair - Job Description
Welfare Officer: Helen Wescott Welfare Officer Welfare Officer - Job Description


Any person fulfilling a role for the club has the responsibilities as outlined below. It is their responsibility to make sure they are carried out or suitably delegated.


  • Present the public face of the Club

  • To act as the figurehead of the Club


  • Chair the committee meetings including the Annual General Meeting

  • Direct the development, implementation, review and updating of the Club’s strategy and development plan

  • Present the public face of the club when required


  • Management of boat allocation, usage and replacement when needed

  • Manage Regatta and Head Entries including the preparation of the racing calendar for the club at the start of each season

  • Ensure any coaching programs are managed matching crews to available coaches where possible or required

  • Ownership of the Tees Rowing Club five-year plan

  • Act as a point of contact between the membership and the committee

  • In conjunction with Committee Officers, act as a point of contact for Tees Rowing Club with British Rowing, the Northern Rowing Council and other relevant committees

  • Ensure the smooth running of Tees Rowing Club

Vice Captain

  • Support the Club Captain

  • Co-ordination of members in squads, crews and groups as well as independent members; Liaise with the Coaching Coordinator accordingly

  • Assist in the running of Tees Rowing Club

  • Encourage new members into potential squads within Tees Rowing Club


  • Ensure Tees Rowing Club meets its legal obligations
  • Act as the Tees Rowing Club contact with British Rowing for administration purposes

  • In conjunction with Committee Officers, act as a point of contact between members and the committee

  • Receive all Tees Rowing Club mail and report to the committee and publicise to all club members as required

  • Ensure that Committee meeting minutes are written up in a timely manner

  • Ensure that club membership records are accurately maintained

Assistant Secretary

  • To assist the Secretary in the Administration of the Club as and when required

  • Attend and participate in Club Committee meetings

  • Ensure that Committee meeting minutes are written up in the absence of the Secretary


  • Manage and maintain Tees Rowing Club accounts and ensure they are audited

  • Ensure the Tees Rowing Club committee is aware of the current financial status of the Club and advise of money available for future spending requirements

  • Ensure the Tees Rowing Club bills are paid as required, e.g., insurance, British Rowing affiliation

  • Prepare an annual budget for the Club and recommend the level of membership subscription

Membership Secretary

  • To be the first point of contact and welcome new members

  • To process new application forms and follow up accordingly

  • Maintain Google Groups

  • To access Go Cardless and update as required by the Treasurer

  • Support the Treasurer, Captain and Secretary as requested

Equipment Manager

  • Organises the equipment maintenance programme in consultation with the Captain, Vice Captains and Coaches

  • Overall responsibility for maintaining boats, launches and associated equipment in safe working order

  • Report to the Committee on the status of the fleet and any major repairs

  • Maintains a damage and maintenance reporting system for use by club members

  • In conjunction with the Captain, allocate equipment where appropriate

  • Acts as a gatekeeper, effectively, to enable the club to keep track of its equipment

Publicity Officer

  • Ensure the club has an active publicity presence on social media and the local community

  • Co-ordinate the advance publicity for club events and recruit specific volunteers to pursue advertising and sponsorship as needed

  • Be the main point of contact for media-related enquiries to the club

Safety Adviser

  • Establish the standards for safe rowing at Tees Rowing Club

  • Ensure club safety standards align with those of the national governing body, British Rowing, and other key stakeholders, such as Canal & Rivers Trust

  • Encourage members to act in a safe manner report any incidents in a timely manner

  • Ensure that the safety performance at Tees RC is regularly reviewed

  • Ensure that any learning points from events at Tees RC or elsewhere are used at the club as appropriate

Coach Co-ordinator

  • Ensure all Club members who wish to receive coaching have access to a suitable coach

  • Ensure compliance of participant welfare

  • Maintain a database of current coaches within Tees Rowing Club

  • Understand the individual strengths and personal aspirations of each coach

  • Facilitate training for all members wishing to qualify as a coach

Welfare Officer

  • Ensure members feel welcome, included and supported

  • Act as a safeguarding focal point, and in conjunction with the committee, all members and visitors, to uphold the Clubs safeguarding policies and procedures in order to safeguard children and adults at risk

  • Ensure the policies set out by British Rowing and other guidance are considered and implemented by the Club to safeguard the membership

  • To understand welfare information and make sure this is embedded in the Clubs processes for dealing with issues

Competititon Coordinator/Chair

  • To lead the organisation of Tees Rowing Club competitions:

o    Regatta

o    Long Distance Scull/Small Boats Head

o    Christmas Eve Row

  • Appointed by, and co-opted member of, the Tees RC Committee